Internet radio: with the internet tuner IR 38e you can listen to your favourite radio stations from a multitude of internet radio stations. Your local radio stations are preset and can be quickly tuned. Music server: with the IR 38e you can enjoy your whole music collection (which is stored in your PC or in your network) through your Hi-Fi system. Simply connect the IR 38e with your local network via WLAN (wireless LAN) and you have immediate access to your entire music collection. You can select & play by artist, album or genre and you can listen your playlists directly. Security in your network is guaranteed: IR 38e was designed to comply with WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access II) security protocols, in order to prevent capturing from your personal data. Energy saving & ecological thanks to reduced power consumption in standby mode. The internet tuner IR 38e is prepared for the future and complies with the latest EU ecodesign directive for reduced power consumption.