Unlimited Entertainment for your journey

A marvel of German engineering and European design, Blaupunkt enjoys an envious presence in India with major players preferring it as a genuine accessory in their Limited Edition Models.
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Almost a hundred years

of automotive and entertainment history have been accompanied by plenty of technical progress with several firsts to our credit.
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Enjoy music on the wheels

Experience your party on the wheels with the powerful performance of big battery trolley speaker by Blaupunkt.


Output that put others aside

An independent entertainment unit with multiple connectivity options. Designed to deliver sound that is next to nirvana.


Durability meets speed

with Blaupunkt's premium quality USB 2.0 cables. With gold plated connectors, it provides fast data transfer and seamless device charging. With the guarantee of German quality and International certification of UL and ROHS. Unleash your potential and be Unstoppable with Blaupunkt. 


3 in 1 Safety Car Charger

Always on the move? Get the Blaupunkt smart car chargers to keep you going. Whether you are looking for a multi-purpose charger that doubles up as a glass breaker & seat belt cutter or just the normal trendy fast-charger, our range has got it covered. Get a smart charger and keep your devices always charged, so you never stop being connected.


Super Sound, Super Comfort

Better still, no more tangles! Experience German sound quality with Blaupunkt's brand new range of high quality in-ear headphones. Whether in the gym or on a call, enjoy every sound in stereo and high bass. Plug in and be Unstoppable as you Unwind with Blaupunkt's range of International Quality Certified earphones. 


Blaupunkt's range of power banks

come with Dual Port, highly efficient and fast Charging. With all required international quality certifications, it’s not just a piece of technology, but a means to stay charged and to unleash your true potential, at any time, any place.