Blaupunkt - Strong Brand Image and Awarenes

  • If your products and your commitment go along with the Blaupunkt brand values?
  • If you want to be part of a great technological and strong Blaupunkt global brand community?
  • If you want to profit from the successful international Blaupunkt sales?

Why Blaupunkt Global Brand Community?

Brand licensing with Blaupunkt global brand community offers attractive opportunities:

  • To profit directly from existing strong brand values instead of a cost intensive, long-term brand building
  • To take advantage of decades of brand experience
  • To overcome entry barriers into new markets
  • To exploit the company?s know-how by product range extensions
  • To increase profitability by higher margins
  • To achieve more efficiency and flexibility by outsourcing brand and sales activities and thus focusing on product management
  • To benefit from time-to-market advantages: time efficient model to expand into new markets
Added Values due to strong Brands
  • Products sell primarily because of convincing benefit and value propositions.
  • Strong brands create convincing benefit and value propositions.
  • Consumers conclude from brand values on product benefits.
  • Mere-exposure-effect: in comparison to brands with poor recognition, highly recognized brands evoke familiarity and thus attractiveness and sympathy.
  • No-name products or weak brands can even evoke negative consumer settings (unconscious consumer perception).
Blaupunkt Brand Image

Blaupunkt is perceived as a strong brand with strong core values:

  • Innovative strength
  • Quality
  • Technological expertise
  • Longevity and reliability
  • Sympathy
Abschöpfung eines hohen Markenwertes
  • Konsumenten akzeptieren bei starken Marken eine höhere Preisstellung im Gegensatz zu schwachen Marken und “namenlosen” Produkten.

Blaupunkt Brand Positioning
  • A high-end performance portfolio of innovative, absolutely reliable consumer electronics products in the highest functional quality to satisfy optimally the widely diverse requirements of customers and users.
  • Blaupunkt is the tried-and-trusted brand in the field of consumer electronics, car multimedia, and all related
Targeted Business Areas
  • Consumer Electronics and car multimedia
  • Related business areas
  • Diversified business areas
Commitments and Obligations
  • Long-lasting and fair partnership
  • Frankness and equitable communication
  • Directness and clearness
  • Maintenance of brand essence and brand values
  • Fostering and trademark protection of the brand on international level
  • Clearly determined rules und procedures in order to maintain high quality values
  • Communicative platform for the intercommunication of all global brand community partners
  • Brand communication: public relations, global internet, international trade fairs Optional: active international sales support


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