Blaupunkt driving video recorder BP 8.0 2-channel comes with not one, but two cameras with good price. There is the frontal view dashcam to keep an eye on the road ahead of you and then, there is the rear-view video recorder that records what you cannot see when your eyes are on the road.


Versatility of the driving video recorder
There are many features installed in the dashcams, sufficient enough to be an aid for the user at the right time. For instance, the G-sensor, also known as the accelerometer, is an intelligent function where it initiates the recordings to be saved when there is impact of collision, drastic change in speed sudden breaks and the change in speed outside the car. There is also an alarm, feature of driver fatigue and motion detection. Let’s not forget the SOS function installed in the dashcam where the videos that are saved during the SOS will never be erased under any circumstances. And once the video is saved, it will be backed up automatically, so you don’t have to worry about having the videos erased as such videos will be prioritized for in the memory and the video format of the recordings are in MP4.
Being too cautious, some users are required to install the parking monitoring device for their vehicles but with Blaupunkt driving video recorder BP8.0, the dashcam supports this feature with such ease, so you don’t have to spend much on it.

Blaupunkt driving video recorder BP 8.0 as the eyes on the road
The LCD display screen is 2.7’’, which means that the viewing angle is 170° for the frontal camera and about 120° for the rear-view camera. The front-view camera is about 4 Megapixel and the rear-view camera is about 2 Megapixel and they are in full HD. The user can be able to see everything without rotating their heads. The dashcam supports up to 128GB SDHC, not limiting your recordings at all and with good resolution of 1440P for frontal view camera and 1080P for rear-view camera. You can record anything and even take pictures with the BP 8.0 with image format if JPG.
the Blaupunkt driving video recorder BP8.0 holds 470mAH Lithium Ion Battery capacity and supports up to 128GB class 10 SDHC. This shows that this device is created beyond its limitations and accessing it will be so easy that you can install the recorder yourself.
In the night, where the lighting is low, Blaupunkt BP 8.0 is still able to pick up the number plate display with full clarity, regardless the quality of the light. Some dashcams with LED installation is said to provide better lighting for the video recording to take place but the truth is, this will blind the drivers ahead of us and reflection through the windshield will take place. The car’s headlights are actually quite good enough This dashcam does not only favours you visually but via audio as well. In other words, there is a built-in speaker within the dashcam to help it pick up audio resilience from the videos, even providing a strong evidence for accident cases without low quality videos, especially if its night time. Who knows, you might even pick up your friend’s horrible singing.

Choosing the right driving video recorder
There are many dashcams with various backgrounds and prices out there. Some are cheap but with low quality and some are way too expensive, not fitting in the range of our budget. Blaupunkt offers reasonable prices for the dashcams and effortless applications for the users with full safety guarantee as the cameras pick up what is ahead of you and what is behind you. Blaupunkt driving video recorder BP 8.0 2-channels are available worldwide, with good quality and good price.

Blaupunkt BP8.0 Digital video recorder is a 2-channel camera, also known as the dashcam. Dashcam is a gadget that records videos as long as needed while the car engine is still turned on. The BP8.0 runs as it gets its power supply from the charger cable given. Some dashcam can keep recording even after the car is turned off, with the help of external chargers such as powerbanks.


  • Display 2.7” LCD
  • Lens Type Front : 4MP, 170° ultra wide viewing angle
  • Rear : 2MP, 120° ultra wide viewing angle
  • Frame Rate Single camera usage resolution : Front 1440P (30fps), 1296P(30fps), 1080P (60/30fps), 720P (120/60/30fps)
  • Front : 30fps 2560x1440, 30fps 1920x1080; Rear : 30fps 1920x1080
  • Format JPG/MP4
  • Screen Display Front Camera / Rear Camera / PIP (Picture in Picture)
  • Exposure Value (EV) +0.0, -1/3, -2/3, -1.0, -4/3, -5/3, -2.0, +2.0, +5/3, +4/3, +1.0, +2/3, +1/3
  • Modes Video, Camera, Playback
  • Remind Lights Support (Reminder to turn lights on when recorder detect dark environment)
  • SOS Function Support
  • G Sensor Support
  • Park Monitoring Support
  • Driver Fatigue Alarm (Off / 1-hour / 2-hour / 4-hour)
  • Motion Detection Support (30-sec /rec when motion is detected)
  • Loop Recording 1-min / 3-min / 5-min
  • Storage Media Support 128GB SD card (not included) Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC
  • Battery Support rechargeable Li-battery 420mAh
  • Dimension (WxHxD) Front 90.5 x 51.83 x 30.59mm; Rear 40 x 43 x 25.8mm
  • Weight Front 95g; Rear 50g
  • Driver ID Setting Support (9 digits)


  • 3M Bracket
  • Car charger
  • Rear cam connecting cable
  • USB cable
  • Manual