Blaupunkt Multimedia Navigation Kimberly 941 is a car radio with capacitive touch screen panel which comprises of many enthralling built-in features that gives the user a sense of control and safety while on the road. Other than Phonelink and Bluetooth connection, Kimberly 941 car radio has Navigation-ready system for users to find routes to their destination. This car radio even supports internet access and the user can customize the LCD display theme according to the user mood.

Liquid Crystal Display

Kimberly 941 is the latest car radio in the market of mobile entertainment featuring a 6.75” wide screen display. The car radio’s screen is anti-reflective, encouraging better view and the brightness of the LCD screen is adjustable according to the user’s preference.

Kimberly 941 car radio home screen can fit up to six apps by folder on the screen, just like a mobile phone, such as music, photo, video, radio, navigation, and phone. It can vary according to the user’s need and preference.

Customizable Display Theme

Kimberly 941 does not come with fixed background setting. The car radio let users to change the display theme, according to their tastes with the various built-in theme options. Not only that, users can change the radio’s display wallpaper with motionless pictures or imply featured motion options, which are the live wallpapers that are seem to be available in android mobiles. This interesting feature can make the user’s radio more appealing than it already is. For those desiring to see uploaded picture as display home screen, Kimberly 941 can make it happen.

Pre-Installed Apps

Kimberly 941 car radio had pre-installed apps to help users to feel less complex about using the radio and to lessen the requirement to use their mobiles while driving the car. Some of the best yet helpful apps that the car radio have are built-in internet browser, navigation app, social media apps such as Facebook and twitter, Accuweather, calculator, calendar and file explorer. The user can even receive and send out emails with the help of Kimberly 941 car radio.

Wi-Fi and internet access

While driving, mobile devices are the one gadgets that can contribute to the Wi-Fi and internet access but Kimberly 941 car radio allows users to get the access via Android USB tethering and Wi-Fi hotspots with wireless configuration. The user can stream online and listen to music on the go without downloading in their mobile devices. This limits the usage of phones when driving and optimizes the road safety.


Navigation is one of the key features present in Kimberly 941 as the car radio is able to help the user to get to the right destination without getting lost. Software will be provided for the user when Kimberly 941 is purchased. The user can install on their own or can get help in updating the navigation in the car radio.


Displaying screen of the mobile device onto the car radio’s screen can be done via a simple USB cable that is being interconnected with the phone and the radio. With the Phonelink connection, Kimberly 941 allows the user to control the radio through the mobile and vice versa. It is a two-way mirroring for android and one-way mirroring for iPhones where the radio can only be controlled from the phone and not vice versa.

Bluetooth connection

Pairing the user’s mobile to the radio via Bluetooth allows the user to attend, make and answer calls in terms of not using the phone physically but via hands-free. This connection with Kimberly 941 allows the user to keep attending the calls while driving. The radio can utilize the phone’s function in terms of auto connect or auto answer the call as well as managing second call by call waiting of call hold for users. There is built-in microphone and radio speaker aiding this function.

Steering Wheel Control

Users can drive and control the radio at the same time with the help of Steering Wheel Control that is a built-in feature of the car. To access this option, user must connect the required cable linking the steering wheel and the car radio in order to gain full access and experience easy driving in the car. This feature also helps in answering, receiving and making calls. The user can fully keep an eye on the road and talk without neglecting road safety.

Reverse and Parking

PRK SW cable is connected to the hand brake switch where the video display of the monitor will be controlled by status, system setup and input video sources. When the car is moving forward, and a video source is being played, the screen of the radio will display a warning disclaimer and a blank screen. The warning screen will prevent the user from watching the images while driving.

Reversing and Parking can be an easy task with BC OE1, the reverse and frontal camera can be installed with Kimberley 941 as an optional accessory. This versatile Multiview camera can function as both front and reverse camera whereby its 140° vertical view allows the user to notice vehicle from far ahead moving towards the user’s car, and the camera’s 180° horizontal wide view assist in spotting pedestrians and cars strolling close to the user’s car when reversing or parking.

How to pair Blaupunkt Kimberley 941 with iPhone via Phonelink

How to pair Blaupunkt Kimberley 941 with Android phone via Phonelink

How to access Internet Via Android in Kimberley 941

How to Access Internet Via IOS in Kimberley 941

Blaupunkt Multimedia Navigation Kimberley 941 is a car radio with capacitive touch screen panel which comprises of many enthralling built-in features that gives the user a sense of control and safety while on the road. Other than Phonelink and Bluetooth connection, Kimberley 941 car radio has Navigation-ready system for users to find routes to their destination. This car radio even supports internet access and the user can customize the LCD display theme according to the user mood.


  • Operating System Android 4.2.2 (Jellybean)


  • Digital
  • 6.75” TouchScreen Capacitive TFT
  • Resolution : VWGA 800 x 480 pixels
  • Anti-reflective
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Display Switch off (15/30 sec)
  • Clock / Date Display (auto sync via GPS or RDS CT)
  • Clock Mode : 24 / 12 Hours
  • Home Screen Foldercreation (up to 6 apps by folder)
  • Wallpaper Options (still, motion options, picture upload)
  • Radio System Languages : English(US), Chinese Traditional


  • Switchable World Tuner : Europe, OIRT, Americas, Japan
  • Wave Bands : FM, AM (MW, LW)
  • Radio Data System (RDS) : AF,CT,EON,PS,PTY,TA,TP,RT
  • Travelstore : FM, AM
  • Band Scan / Preset Scan
  • Search via frequency
  • Select via frequency scale
  • 30 Station memory
  • Frequency Response (hz) - 3dB : 30-15,000


  • Navigation-Ready

Data Carrier

  • DVD, +/-R, +/-RW, -ROM
  • VCD
  • CD-DA, -ROM, -R/-RW
  • Type Disc-Drive : Automatic Loading
  • Shock Proof-drive : CD/DVD
  • Frequency Response (Hz) -3dB : 20-20,000
  • USB 2.0 Compatible (Removable Storage)
  • Micro SD (up to 32GB), Micro SD
  • Storage Formats : NTFS, FAT, FAT 16, FAT 32

DVD Player

  • Track up
  • Fast Forward / Fast Rewind
  • Position Via Progress Bar
  • Repeat Chapter / Title
  • Play / Pause / Stop / Resume
  • Chapter Skip / Search
  • Last Position Memory
  • Root Menu, Setup, Title Menu
  • Sub-Title / Audio Language
  • Zoom / Angle
  • Dolby Digital 2.0

Media Player

  • Video Formats : AVI, MP4, MPEG, MPG, H264
  • Picture Formats : JPEG, JPG
  • Audio Formats : MP3, WMA
  • MP3 Title Display : ID3-tag (Verison 1 and 2), File/Folder Names
  • Album Art Display
  • ID3-tag Criteria Display : Artist, Album, Song, Composer, Year of Release, File Bitrate
  • MP3 Folder / File Browsing : Without Track Interruption
  • MP3 File Search : By Track Number
  • Criteria Browsing : For MP3 only
  • Mix All/Folder, Repeat All/Folder/Track
  • Fast Forward / Fast Rewind : Via Progress Bar
  • CD Text
  • Gapless CD-DA Playback : Live, Concept, Classic Albums
  • Variable Bit Rates
  • Number Of Files On MSD : Up to ~40.000 files, Depending On Folder Files Structure
  • Android Phone MP3 Control via PhoneLink

Wi-Fi/Internet Access

  • Internet Access via Android USB tethering/WIFI
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot

Pre-installed Apps

  • Built-in Internet Browser
  • Navigation : Waze
  • Others : Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, AccuWeather, Calculator, Calendar, Downloads, FileExplorer, PhoneLink


  • Bluetooth 2.1 With EDR
  • Supported Profiles : HFP, PBAP, A2DP, AVRCP, SPP, HID, RFCOMM
  • 1 x Device Pairing
  • Pairing Code : 1234 (Default)
  • Hands-Free Calling via Microphone + Radio Speaker
  • Voice Dial (If Supported By Cell Phone)
  • Key Function : Accept / Hang Up / Reject Call
  • Phone Book Access (Up to 1,000 Entries By Phone)
  • History Call Lists : Missed, Dialled, Received Calls
  • Auto Synchronisation : On/Off
  • Auto Connect / Auto Answer : On/Off
  • Favourites (Manually)
  • 2nd Call Handling (Call Wait / Call Hold)
  • Built-in + External Rear Microphone


  • Smart Phone Mirroring (Via USB)
  • Smart Phone Touch Control (Android only)
  • Smart Phone App (PhoneLink App)
  • Android Phone Requirements : Version 4.2 or above
  • Android Phones Supported(tested) : most of OS, Android 4.2 or above


  • 10-band Parametric Equalizer
  • Analogue type
  • Bass 1, Bass 2, Mid, Treble 2, Treble 1
  • Variable Q-Factor By Band
  • Switchable Subwoofer
  • Variable Subwoofer Gain (24 Steps)
  • Variable Subwoofer Phase
  • Variable High-Pass Filter : 63 / 100 / 120 / 150 / 180 Hz
  • Variable Low-Pass Filter : 55 / 85 / 120 / 160 Hz
  • Sound Presets : My EQ, Flat, POP, Rock, Optimal, Jazz, Classic, User
  • Balance / Fader (+/- 40 Steps)
  • Source Specific Volume : DVD, Radio, A/V1, A/V2, Navigation, Media
  • Switch-on Volume (Last Volume, Programmable)


  • 4-channel
  • 4 x 50 Watt Max. Output Power
  • Sinus Power at 14.4V : 4 x 30 Watt

Rear Zone / 2nd Monitor

  • Video / Audio
  • Rear Zone Sources (Mirror of Front)

Inputs / Outputs

  • Radio, GPS Antenna
  • TMC (Antenna Via FM Antenna)
  • 3 x Rear USB (Standard A-type)
  • 1 x Front Micro SD
  • Audio / Video (Analogue) : RCA
  • Rear View Video Camera : RCA
  • Rear View Audio / Video Camera : RCA
  • Reverse Gear, Handbrake
  • 1 x Rear External 3.5 mm Jack
  • Steering Wheel Control
  • Power Supply
  • Video/Audio Out (2x, RCA Composite)
  • 4-Channel Preamp Out (RCA, 2V)
  • Subwoofer (1 Channel RCA, 2V)


  • User Manual
  • IR Remote Control (Battery Included)
  • GPS Antenna (5m)
  • Connector Cable Sets
  • Wifi Dongle (Optional Acc)