Don't waste your energy

Blaupunkt LED lighting was designed in response to the growing market needs in terms of technology, design and energy autonomy.

LED Lighting

Indispensable at home

Extremely functional small household appliances help us maintain order and improve the environment and comfort in your home.


Pleasure of cooking

Thanks to modern kitchen equipment, preparation of tasty and healthy meals for whole family is quick and easy.


Discover the power of sound

Devices modeled on professional sound systems, offering tremendous music power at home and outdoors.


Be moving

E-mobility is an ideal solution for active people who are always on the move and like to move quickly from one place to another. It is also an excellent gadget for young people looking for technical novelties.


Take care of yourself

Devices necessary for body care, make it beautiful and healthy.


Listen to your favorite music wherever you want

Portable Bluetooth speakers let you listen to your favorite songs and FM radio in any corner
of your home or garden.


Perfect combination of high quality music and stylish design

The ideal choice when you need to fill in small or larger room by your favorite music.
All devices have MP3 playback and built-in USB port. Most of them have Bleutooth module.


To breath clean again!

The new Blaupunkt air purifier AP 1.1 reduces numerous airborne pollutants in the vehicle such as bacteria, pollen, dust and odors thansks to the 3-layer filter system (HEPA H11) and germicidal UV lamp..

Air Purifier

Modern design, high functionality

Blaupunkt radios will perform perfectly in classrooms, childrens rooms, and picnics.
Great fun guaranteed.