Most men shave regularly. Some even do it every day. Therefore , it is important that the shaver is comfortable, ergonomic, and above all, serves its purpose, i.e. that it shaves the beard just how its user wants.

Blaupunkt MSR901 men’s shaver not only meets these expectations but offers even more benefits. Thanks to its perfectly combined functions, it will surely become a partner for every man.

With the MSR901 shaver, shaving, facial hair care or haircutting will no longer be considered a chore, will not take a lot of time nor cause discomfort. A smooth, well-shaved face, neat beard or perfect hair cut will surely convince every man that it is worth taking care of his look with the MSR901 shaver.

Three independent shaving heads, with which the shaver is equipped , adjust perfectly to the shape of the face and neck, while the even pressure distribution system ensures optimal shaving. Thanks to the Multi-D Shave technology, the user will not experience the problem of facial hair being out the of shaver’s reach. The comfort of shaving is complemented by the triple cutting heads 3D-Blue Cut, which have a thickness of just 0.1 mm. This is the development and refinement of the well-known and valued Hi-Precision Cut technology.

We have changed some structural elements, internal clamping of the blades and the efficacy of the shaving head film to collect hair. These modifications have made it possible to achieve an even more precise shave, whilst being softer on the skin. The comfort of using the device has also improved, as the shaver is now much quieter. The shape of the holes in the shaving heads that allow you to shave both the shortest facial hair right next to the skin, as well as the slightly longer ones e.g. a few days long, is also a new development.

For men who value the comfort of shaving and regular beards, the manufacturer has created an attachment with a foil shaving system, which is to be used along the beard. This makes shaving even more thorough, as even the finest hairs are removed.

All shaving heads are designed to minimise the risk of irritation, even on sensitive skin. You The user does not need to worry about redness or minor post-shave wounds. Men who have delicate skin will also be pleased to have an option of ‘wet’ shaving, using shaving foam or gel.

For longer facial hair such as beards, the manufacturer recommends the use of a clipper attachment. Slowly moving the device against the hair, it is easy to shape the beard or trim it to the right length.

The shaver will also help you to take care of your hairstyle. To cut your hair just use the clipper attachment and one of the three included comb attachments (3/6/9 mm).

However, these are not all the possibilities offered by the MSR901 shaver. It is equipped with a complete facial hygiene kit including a trimmer, which allows you to remove unwanted hair from the ears and nose, a brush that cleanses the face of impurities accumulated throughout the day, as well as a massage attachment, which improves the blood supply to facial skin and stimulate its regeneration.

Every modern man who cares about his appearance will surely appreciate this wide set of accessories.

MSR901 men’s shaver is wireless with the possibility of connecting it to the mains power supply. The high quality lithium battery that is fully charged in only 90 minutes allows you to use the device for up to 1 hour. During this time you can easily take care of even the most demanding facial hair and trim your hair elegantly.

The display located in the shaver handle shows the remaining battery life, so that the user knows how long the shaver will run on batteries. If the battery runs out, you can connect the shaver to the mains power supply and continue shaving.

The MSR901 shaver model is waterproof at the IPX7 level, so you can use it in the shower or bathtub and wash it under running water without worries.

The ergonomic shape of the shaver ensures perfect hand fit, so you don’t feel uncomfortable, even when working with the shaver for longer periods of time.

  • 3D-Blue cut triple-cutting rings
  • Patented-cutting-head technology with a thickness
    of just 0.1 mm
  • 3 precision heads, adapting to the face contours (Multi-D shave)
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • Battery-life display
  • Complete set for male hygiene: shaving, clipping, cleaning, massaging
  • Cord and cordless operation
  • Up to 60 minutes’ operation without recharging; 90 minutes to fully charge the batteries
  • High-quality lithium batteries with no memory effect
  • Power supply: 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, 0.2 A
  • EAN code: 5901750503337

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