Lavender 3537W is an air purifier inspired by smart home technology. The Wi-Fi feature connects with device by smartphone or tablet from any place with network access. The mobile application available on iOS and Android, enables to manage Lavender and to control the current PM2.5 level, humidity, air temperature. This modern device is smart, but also ensures healthy air. 6 purification stages including 4 filters: pre-filter, HEPA, activated carbon filter, photocatalyst filter; UV lamp and ionization function remove up to 99.99% of pollution. Lavender produces 8 million anions per second. Negative ions act bactericidal, neutralize viruses, and have a positive effect on the metabolism and immunity. The highly efficient device removes formaldehyde hazardous to health.


  • Wi-Fi
  • Air quality indicator
  • Intelligent Setting (It adjusts the efficiency of air purifier to the level of pollution)
  • Smart Display (The IMD display provides a convenient control of the air purifier, the same as smartphone)