Android Sophistication

The Cape Town 945 is characterized by its high-grade styling, an exciting, Android-based Blaupunkt user interface and breathtaking functional opportunities. Its sports a very large 6.8-inch capacitive display with anti-reflective technology for perfect in-car use and combines high-quality tuner performance, pre-installed pan-European navigation, a huge variety of different entertainment options and the connection of all types of portable media including smartphones. With Blaupunkt Mirror Mode you even have a full control of your Apple or Android phone via the radio's touchscreen without any limits. Simply mirror the complete phone screen and enjoy all your individual content and Apps. Or just use your phone as mobile hotspot, controlled by the radio - although the Cape Town 945 even does not need aphone to browse the web with the direct Wi-Fi connection to any available hotspot. but no matter what you are looking for, the Cape Town 945 will meet your personal car multimedia needs.

Fast Boot

Ready to use within seconds. Using the fast boot function the Cape Town 945 will not be totally switched off when leaving the car. It is only sleeping and will immediatley wake up with latest position of Navigation or music playkback when switching on the radio via the ignition again. You can even choose the maximum time period for the fast boot mode with up to 5 days before the radio shall totally switch off.

Graphical Interface

With Cape Town 945, the look of your radio will never be the same again. Base on Android platform, Cape Town 945 is capable to change its look to suit your mood and style. You can even upload your own picture and use it as a wallpaper and change icon color in the settings. It is your choice.

Navigation System (optional)

With the optional Navigation, you can upgrade your unit to a forst class Navigation system. To travel to unknown places will never be the same again. Discover new places with a touch of your finger and Cape Town 945 will show you the shortest or best route to get to your destination.

Mirror Mode

Smartphones have given consumers access to growing number of indispensable applications anytime and anywhere. But when it comes to driving, smartphone use is inadvisable or even forbidden. Blaupunkt Mirror Mode solves this problem by offering connectivity between your smartphone and the car infotainment system. Just connect your iPhone or Android device via HDMI cable (phonespecific cable available from your phone brand) and Bluetooth, follow the initial installation instructions and immediately control it via the radio's screen.

Media Player

Digital data has gain much popularity in these few decades and supporting these format is must-have for every device. But the range of supported media makes the difference. Cape Town 945 plays audio, image and video formats not only from disc but also straight from microSDHC card vor via one of the 4 USB ports. The maximum number of files on the specific media is at least 40.000 files and even NTFS formatting is supported to connect mobile hard disc drives. Enjoy the intuitive and fast browsing though the folders and files, or by criteria if the ID3 tags come with the media. And last, but certainly not least, you can also directly control the iPod connected via USB as well as MP3 archive on your Android smartphone via Bluetooth - just install the Blaupunkt App on your Android phone.

Sound Setting

The new graphical interface makes the sound tuning easy and exact to adjust with the 5-band parametric equalizer. But if "playing with frequencies" is not your thing just select through the sound preset selection from Pop, Rock, Electro, Jazz and Classic to suit your needs and taste.

Internet Browsing

Tired of driving from a long distance trip, pull over and enjoy the web browsing inside your parking car. With the access to the Internet via Wi-Fi you're a step away to access all contents in the Internet. Checking your important mail, the latest news or the weather forecast. All this just by a touch on the large screen.

Analog Radio

With the new CODEM IV tuner generation the Cape Town 945 is also uncompromising in terms of its radio quality and sets new standards for brilliant reception. See for yourself, one's own experience says more than thousand words.

Digital Radio

Plug & play. Simply connect the optional DAB+ Tuner bos 945 to the Cape Town 945 and listen to high-quality digital radio while driving. Enjoy the intuitive and fast browsing though the available service ensembles, or if do not car about the broadcasting stations just browse through the alphabetical list of all programmes.

Bluetooth Telephony

Once the entire mobile phone book with up to 1.000 personal entries is synchronized with the Cape Town 945, nothing stops you from convenient phoning via your car's speakers. For best quality the Cape Town 945 offers you the opportunity of choosing between the integrated or the external microphone with its perfect positioning. If you want to use 2 phones simultaneously, it is also not a problem - with Twin Connect you will never miss a call.

Setting Options

Breathtaking functional opportunities does not mean difficult to use. The settings menus are clearly arranged, attractively designed and, most importantly, very easy to handle.

• Operationg System Android (Jelly Bean)
• Blaupunkt High-End Styling
• Intuitive Blaupunkt user interface
• Fast boot (via ignition)

Mirror Mode
• Smartphone mirroring and control via radio display
• For iPhone and Android smartphones

Wi-Fi / Internet
• Wi-Fi USB dongle included
• Wi-Fi hotspot, tethering

• CODEM iV High-End Tuner
• FM (RDS), AM (MW/LW) Tuner
• DAB / DAB+ -ready

• 6.8” digital TFT touch screen display
• Capacitive TFT, 800 x 480 pixel
• Anti-reflex technology

• Navigation-ready
• TMC-ready (Traffic Message Channel)

• Built-in Blutooth module by Parrot
• Hands-free calling, upload phone book and audio-streaming
• Twin Connect
• Built-in microphone + external microphone

Media Player
• Exclusive Blaupunkt Media Player
• Audio/Video playback from USB/SDHC/Disc
• Video playback formats: AVI, MP4, MPEG, MPG, Xvid, H264
• Audio playback fromats: MP3, WMA

Data Carrier
• DVD, VCD, CD, CD-ROM, USB, SDHC (up to 32 GB) , SD

Input / Output
• Front USB (standard A-type)
• 3 x rear USB (standard A-type)
• Front SDHC slot
• Front & rear A/V-input
• Rear view camera input
• Rear zone (disc, USB, A/V) input
• Programmable steering wheel control (SWC)
• Twin display
• HDMI input

Equalizer / Amplifier
• 5-band parametric equalizer
• 4-channel preamp-out (3V)
• Subwoofer-out
• 4 x 50 watt max. power

• Permanent station memory
• IR remote control included

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