• Maximum ease.
  • Safe access to the protected areas - every time.
  • Protection from threats: set various alarms. 
  • Tags, especially practical for children's use.
  • Get informed when someone comes home.
  • Energy saving thanks to standby mode.

More comfortable and child-friendly operation for your alarm system

The wireless keypad KPT S1 withTags and integrated Tag reader makes the alarm system even easier. To operate Press the Mode button, keeping the tag close to the control panel - and see your alarm system armed, disarmed or switched to home mode . Regardless of the alarm system, children can get in and out very easily. The entry of a PIN code is no longer necessary with the tag. Ask friends or neighbors to care for your home while on holiday. Just give them a RFID tag - this replaces the PIN code .


Installation Tips

The wireless control unit can be OPTIONALLY installed at the house or apartment entrance, bedroom or living room. The control panel makes your home access much more comfortable . If installed outside, it will grant you further alarm protection, impeding burglars from entering your home. HOWEVER, you will be taking a small risk as the intruder might guess the PIN code. THEREFORE, we recommend installing the control unit inside your home, eg. in the front entrance. Or install the operating unit in the bedroom, so you can Quickly and Practically obtain at bedtime access to your security system. Mounting accessories are included.


Even more safety: Set emergency alarms

By pressing a few buttons on the keypad you can solve in an emergency a specific alert. This can be a panic alarm, for example, if an intruder gets into your property, or an Emergency alarm , examined as a water pipe break, or fire alarm in case of fire . You will be notified immediately on your mobile phone for each case and can react accordingly. Teach your children, for example, the keyboard shortcuts. So you are served with even better protection for your home and loved ones. You will be Notified immediately with up to six phone numbers by SMS, push notifications or phone call in case of alarm. The system INFORMS when there is low battery, using LED and via SMS.


Reliable and energy saving thanks to modern technology

As long as you do not press any buttons, the control unit switches to standby mode and Consumes no power. It is THEREFORE in energy saving mode. The already inserted lithium battery lasts about four years on average. The device exchanges data with the control panel - in other words working with a two-way radio system - and is very reliable. The built-in tamper switch immediately triggers an alarm when someone tries to manipulate the device by force. The operating unit is compact, having a robust yet simple design, and also well finished

Make the use of your wireless security system as easy as child's play!

• By radio net with the Blaupunkt SA- & Q series alarm systems.

• Integrated Tag reader: Easily enable or disable the alarm system with RFID tags.

• Two-way radio system: The operating unit exchanges data with the control panel.

• 16 keys with backlight.

• activity, status and error LED.

• panic, fire and emergency alarm settle possible.

• Standby function: power is only consumed when used.

• Lasting lithium battery already inserted.

• SMS notification for low battery level and important events.

• Low battery display.

• Tamper protection against manipulation.

• Compact and slim, attractive design.

• Battery: ½ AA Lithium 3V x 1

• Battery life: 4 years

• Radio frequency: 868 MHz FM

• Radio range: 200 m in open terrain

• Ambient temperature: -10 ° C to + 40 ° C

• Humidity: up to 95%, non-condensing

• Dimensions: 80 x 116 x 20.5 mm