Temperature smart control: With the Smart Home radiator thermostat with valve for Blaupunkt IP Alarm systems

The Smart Home radiator thermostat from Blaupunkt allows you to reach the desired temperature in each room. It fits on all standard radiators. Check the App, the valve and thus the flow of the heating fluid at the respective radiator and the room temperature of each room. With the Internet portal set also for each room a day, a time and a setpoint or desired value. According to the desired time, the system then heats the room, until the desired temperature has been reached and keeps it constant.

The Automated Heating Plan comfortably saves energy

According to studies, it is not advisable to completely cool down apartments or houses. With the radiator thermostat you can adjust the room temperature flexibly and precisely to your needs. And at the same time also save energy. You can ensure that the temperature does not fall in a space below a specified threshold. At the same time they prevent the radiator from needlessly heating up at times when rooms are not occupied. You can also automatically program it to switch as soon as the alarm system is armed with the help of "scenarios" - and so you leave the house. At the same time enjoy comfort: you can, for example, on your way home, preheat your home via App.

Installation and installation are simple

Thanks to wireless technology and battery operation, the smart home radiator thermostat is wireless. The device mounts easily, by tightening it to the valve on the radiator. The wireless networking with the alarm system is a breeze: set the alarm center on learning mode, press button on the device - and you can start your warm smart home.

So you want intelligent heating? This modern radiator thermostat from Blaupunkt is the smartest way to best acheive energy efficiency and comfort.