Increase the opportunities for your Smart Home: Wireless temperature sensor for Blaupunkt alarms

With the Blaupunkt wireless temperature sensor, measure the exact ambient temperature. Connect the "temperature sensor" by radio with the Blaupunkt Alarm System Series Q, as also various other devices can be controlled automatically. Depending on how hot or cold it is, electrical appliances or other devices via intermediate connectors can be automatically switched on or off. For example, turn on a heater when the room temperature drops below 20 degrees. The imagination knows no limits. Read the temperature easily on the display of the alarm center (GSM Alarm Series Q), the Q series Internet portal (IP alarm) or through the app from (both systems). You can push / SMS or receive e-mail notifications when the temperature is exceeded or not reached in a given space.

Installation and assembly: Child's play

The temperature sensor is wireless. This saves you the hassle of putting up cables. Mount the devicee as desired with plugs and screws or the supplied, self-stick adhesives. Wireless networking with the alarm system is simple: enable alarm center line in the learning mode, press button on the device, and away you go.