• Unmistakable Security.
  • Burglars are routed.
  • So know in case of fire immediately notice - at any angle. 
  • stuck in the wall socket, press - ready.
  • Wireless, with built-in backup battery.
  • Compact simple, design.

In an instant increase the acoustic range of your alarm - and your security.

With this compact wireless indoor siren (95 dB), expand the audible range of your alarm system in an exceptionally simple manner. Because the assembly is omitted, the use device is easy with the integrated power plug: connect to the current - and done. Protect additional floors or more remote areas of the building.

Not only loud, too clever: Battery backup and useful beeps

Thanks to the integrated battery, the device works Even When a power failure Continues. The siren signaled tones tell you the status of your security system - arming, disarming or "home" mode. In case of alarm, you will hear individual alarms for burglary, panic, fire or water alarm. So you know immediately what kind of emergency it is and gain valuable time to react.

Quick and audibly safer: With the convenient wireless indoor siren with mains plug.

• Quick and easy installation
• Bidirectional, encrypted signaling and status checks guarantee reliable operation
• Powered by mains (230V)
• Built-in battery as a backup power supply
• Various alarms in burglary / panic alarm or fire / water alarm
• Signals input / output count and status changes alarm center
• Serves as Z-Wave amplifier
• Compatible with Z-Wave devices from other manufacturers
• LED display indicates status again

• Battery: 4 x 1.5V D Alkaline
• Battery life: approximately 2.5 years *
• Radio frequency: 868 MHz FM
• Battery backup time 14hours
• Siren volume: 95 dB (A) at 1 m distance
• Radio frequency: 868 MHz FM
• ambient temperature: -10 ° C to + 45 ° C
• Humidity: up to 85%, non-condensing
• Dimensions: 95 x 63 x 83 mm