• Win-win situation: Safety for you, freedom for your pets.
  • Clever motion differentiates between animals and humans.
  • Compatibility of security systems and animal presence.
  • More efficient, energy-saving sensor (infrared technology).
  • You will be notified in case of alarm.
  • Automatic self-test, message in case of errors.
  • Protection against manipulation and tampering.

Freedom of movement for your pets, reliable burglary protection for you

With the wireless motion sensor IRP S1L your pets can move freely your home while being monitored. The highly effective infrared sensor reacts to any change in the temperature field. Thanks to modern technology, the sensor detects pets up to 27 kg, therefore avoiding false alarms.

If the alarm system is activated, you will be immediately notified via mobile phone and you can react. Two sensitivity levels can be selected. The installation is very simple. 

What makes this wireless motion especially professionally?

A detection range of up to 12 meters makes the surveillance of large areas possible. Save costs, without compromising effective burglary protection. Note, however, that the sensor differentiates pets from people only in a range of up to 7 meters. Where the animals move, the distance from the wall should not be more than 7 meters. 7 meters from wall to wall - enough still for a small hallway.

The detector also adapts visually well into any environment - the design is modern and simple, achieved with high quality materials and great workmanship. Due to it's high energy efficiency, the battery life is an outstanding five years . The sensor regularly checks for a error-free operation. If a battery change is necessary, you will be notified through your control panel, through the LED on the device and via email or a smartphone. The integrated tamper switch protects the device against unauthorized, forceful manipulation.

Tips for installation

When installing the motion sensor, you can take it easy, and in just a few stepshave it done. The detector should be mounted high (1.7 to 2 meters). Furthermore, we recommend not to point the sensor at electronic devices, large windows or heating. The resulting heat can adversely affect the performance of the detector, as this responds to thermal changes.

The sensor detects movement most reliably when the object moves across the surveillance area. Therefore do not align the sensor directly at a door, through which an introuder may enter.
If the sensor is mounted in the corner of a room, you will be on the safe side. 

Try it out.

The wireless motion IRP S1L your pets enjoy freedom of movement and enjoy reliable protection against burglary. Blaupunkt alarm systems offer you and your loved ones security - and therefore a good feeling.

  • Infrared sensor reacts sensitively and reliably to changes in the temperature field.
  • Compatible with pets up to 27 kilograms.
  • networked by radio with the Blaupunkt SA & SH Wireless Alarm Systems.
  • High radio range of up to 300 m in open space, 30 m in buildings.
  • Meets the requirements of EU Directive (CE marking).
  • Very fast digital signal processing to the highest standards (ADSP Algorithms).
  • Minimizes signal transmission problems and errors by white light and noise.
  • Easy installation.
  • Regular status checks guarantee error-free operation.
  • Power save function.
  • Contained: already loaded, high-performance lithium battery.
  • Stain resistant and insect-proof housing
  • Tamper switch protects against violent, tampering

  • Coverage: about 12 m at an angle of 110 °
  • Lithium Battery: 1 x CR123A 3V
  • Battery life:> 4 years
  • Radio frequency: 868 MHz FM
  • Radio range (open area): 300 m
  • Ambient temperature: -10 ° C to + 45 ° C
  • Humidity: <85% non-condensing,
  • Dimensions 87.7 x 66.4 x 47.7 mm