+++ Note: This device is installed in a socket. Therefore, it must be installed by a qualified electrician. +++

Blaupunkt Smart Home Relays with meter: Very easy control of all electrical appliances in my app for your security system

Control electrical appliances worldwide with the app or Internet portal - no problem with the Blaupunkt Smart Home Relay. Whether you use the PC, tablet or app, accessing the connected devices is possible at any time, anywhere with your smartphone.

Home automation provides comfort, presence simulation creates security

In addition, your house can be automated with the Blaupunkt Smart Home by connection of devices. Turn it on, and within a few seconds a so-called "scenario" will activate. Automatic lights turned on upon arrival or when leaving your home or business - this and much more is possible with the Smart Home Relay. Thanks to automation by individually adjustable schedule, you can simulate your presence during vacation. When a burglar regularly sees the presence of light, he will stay away from your home or business. 

Monitor energy consumption: Thanks  to appealing statistics in the Internet portal

With the Smart Home Relays You will be able to monitor power consumption accurately. The course of electricity consumption of the past hour and days is processed online in beautiful bar graphs. You can see when a lot of electricity has been consumed. This gives you an greater view of which devices consume too much power and where you can save electricity.

You want security, energy efficiency and comfort through global, automatic and convenient control of your electrical appliances? Then, the Blaupunkt smart home relay is right for you.