Only compatible with the Q series from Blaupunkt

  • Safety through visual inspection.
  • Anytime view photos in my app and record.
  • Situation assessment - What's going on at home: is it my neighbor, my child or a burglar?
  • In an emergency, automatically receive 3 images.
  • Benefits of motion sensing and camera all in one.
  • Incoming inspection and pet supervision in disarming mode regardless of the alarm is possible.

Trust is good, control is better: Photo Motion Sensor for Blaupunkt Alarm (Q-Series)

The motion detector with photo function delivers as desired at any time images. This you can call from anywhere via the free app Secure4Home. So you always know what's going on at home or at the shop.

Exclude false alarms with the alarm system - 100%

Thousands of customers are satisfied with our alarm systems and know that false alarms do not occur. 

The motion sensor with photo function sends automatically 3 images to your smartphone when activated. And thus you are able to act appropriately.

• Quick and easy installation
• Dependent of ambient temperature sensitivity 
• In the event of an alarm, pictures are recorded and sent to your smartphone
• Detection range: 10 m at 120 °
• Night vision mode up to 5 meters
• Automatic power-on function
• Tamper protection against unauthorized manipulation
• Battery indicator
• Integrated LED function 

• Camera (horizontal) Viewing angle: 60°
• VGA-CMOS-Camera: JPEG 320 x 240,
• Communication protocol: ZigBee Pro HA
• battery: 2 x AA 1,5 V Lithium Battery
• Battery life: > 4 Years
• Dimensions: 99 x 50 x 43,3 mm