• Efficient burglar protection for your interior.
  • Nobody gets access without warning.
  • Suitable for window fronts, roof hatches or large windows.
  • Works like an invisible photocell.
  • Energy efficiency thanks to energy saving mode.
  • Versatile application.
  • The "curtain" catches every burglar: curtain motion sensor for your Blaupunkt alarm system

The curtain motion sensor works like an invisible curtain that effectively protects you from burglary. The sensor detects warm bodies movement at a distance of up to 10 meters. The very narrow detection range of 10 ° is like a light barrier and is ideally suited to protect passages. For example, the sensor can be mounted on the side of a window front, protecting the entire front as a curtain.

If someone opens a window without permision, and then moves through the narrow and invisible "infrared light beam" of the curtain sensor, the alarm is triggered immediately. You will be notified immediately as well.

How to secure your home effectively.

If the sensor is rotated by 90 ° below a roof window or a roof hatch, it is impossible to penetrate the opening without notice.

Whether its in the living room, bedroom, office or shop - the curtain motion sensor protect will protect you professionally against burglary. The wireless motion sensor is battery operated, wireless and therefore easily installed. With a push of a button on the device, you can network the sensor with your Blaupunkt (Plug & Play) alarm system. The battery has a long life of about 3.5 years, thanks to a clever energy saving mode - the sensor will not activate again after detecting movement, until after one minute. This prevents permanent movement in front of the device unnecessarily. If the battery is low, the system will automatically notify you.

Try it out. Quality is paying off.

Blaupunkt security systems. Easy. Professional. For sure.