• Protect yourself from burglary with this smart device.
  • Stops burglars that are outside your home.
  • Monitors the opening and closing reliably. 
  • Wired third devices can be connected (ex. Roller shutter motor).
  • Tamper protection.
  • Long lasting battery.

Clever opening detector for control and security with Blaupunkt alarms
This door / window sensor for alarm systems from Blaupunkt register the opening of doors and windows. When the magnet from a protected window is removed from the sensor, immediately a local siren alarm is triggered and you will be alerted though your mobile phone.

Door / Window Sensor with wire input: Shutters, wired devices to the system network
The special thing about this opening detector is that you can connect wired devices to it. The sensor can thus, for example, forward the signal of the glass breakage sensor to a third party and then to the alarm center. In addition, electric shutters can be connected to this sensor. This way, the device will alert you when shutters are opened without authorization.

• Integrated lithium battery for maximum battery life
• Compact and slim design for easy attachment to the door or window frame
• Sabotage contact protects against unauthorized manipulation
• Regular status checks ensure error-free operation
• Display for battery change
• Integrated function LED
• High radio frequency and fast
signal transmission
• CE compliant -Conditions

• Battery: 1 x CR2 3V lithium battery
• Battery life:> 5 years *
• Wireless frequency: 868.35 MHz FM
• Wireless range:> 300 m on the ground

• Ambient temperature: -10 ° C to + 40 ° C

• Humidity: up to 85%, non-condensing

• Dimensions: 107 x 32 x 22 mm