With the Smart wireless alarm system from Blaupunkt (SA 2650) opt for reliable security technology that is easy to use:


  • Protect effective and professionally against burglary and fire.
  • Your wallet: No installation or hidden costs.
  • Alarm set off, notification by voice call / SMS: thanks to the GSM module.
  • Wireless comunication: For easy self-installation.
  • Hear what happened, and rule out false alarmas thanks to the integrated microphone.
  • Convenient Operation: Several users control the system via app - panel or remote control.
  • All-round protection from all dangers of everyday life: fire, water, gas.
  • Wide range of accessories.

Did you miss the alarm? Not with us: Thanks to mobile alert

In an emergency, the alarm is triggered and you will be Notified immediately by phone call or SMS. Up to 6 different telephone numbers can be Notified, so no alarm will ever be missed. Thanks to a built-in microphone in the control panel, you can hear live what is happening and are able to assess the situation. If there is a break-in, call the police immediately.


Mobile and comfortable control of the alarm system: Thanks Smartphone App

Installation and operation is done through the free app "Connect2Home". Worldwide you have access to all functions of your alarm system. The alarma kit comes with the control panel and a keyboard, which Allows any number of users, and the use of the environment. For example, it can be installed at the entrance, simplifying home access. The "at home" mode allows free movement in Certain areas, while others are being monitored by the alarm system.


Protection against other everyday hazards Desired?

Select up to 30 devices for protection against fire, gas and water damage. So make up your personal security system: smoke detectors, pet-compatible motion detectors or carbon monoxide detectors are networked via Plug & Play in seconds via radio with the system. This increase your protection against the threats.


Simple Convenient and practical Simply Because:. Compact . Wireless Mobile.

Installation of the system is so simple did You Can Easily perform himself. Thanks to wireless technology shoulderstand be Instructed not lay cables. Versatile understandable aids assist in the installation process. If you are experiencing issues, our security experts advise you.

• Alarm Kit Contains 1x Door / Window Sensor (DC-S1), 1x Motion Detector (IR-S1) and 1x keypad (KP-S1)
• With up to 30 different sensors expandable
• Notification through voice call or SMS
• Listening function: always know what's hapening at your home. 
• Up to 6 different numbers can be stored and notified in an emergency, these being notified by order of priority
• in the event of an alarm, you can record your own voice messages (30 seconds)
• status and error display
• Simple self-installation and installation, no cables , no installation cost.
• Operates at power failure.

• Power supply: 9 V 500 mA adapter
• Battery backup running time: 8 hours
• Siren volume: 96 dB @ 1m
• Radio frequency: 868.35 MHz
• Range:> 300 m in open terrain
• Ambient temperature: -10 ° C to + 40 ° C
• Humidity: up to 85%, non-condensing
• Dimensions: 155 x 105 x 26.5 mm

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