The main functions and features include:


• Even safer thanks to Rolling Code: SMS & Wireless encryption.
• Guard station possible, support the CID / SIA.
• Professional alarm for burglary protection
• Mobile notification via SMS or call to your phone
• Up to 30 devices can be connected to the system.
• Quick and easy installation: Plug & Play
• Supports up to six languages.

At this alarm system even professionals fail: The SA 2900R from Blaupunkt.

Even professionally active burglar will not be overcome the SA 2900R. With most wireless alarm systems it is theoretically possible for burglars to intercept commands for operating with appropriate software. At a later date, the command can then be used to disable the system. Professional burglars fit naturally on the right time. This scenario is unthinkable with the SA 2900R from Blaupunkt.


Why is the wireless alarm system SA 2900R Blaupunkt so secure? The magic word is "Rolling Code".

To operate a GSM wireless alarm system commands are transmitted by radio to the alarm center. For example, with a remote control. The extraordinary in the SA 2900R: Each radio command is unique. The system uses a secret mathematical formula to recognize the signal. Even if a burglar intercept the radio signal, you can not use to deactivate the system there.

Do-it-yourself alarm systems from Blaupunkt: 

A few years ago was not to remember to install an alarm system itself. Among other things, thanks to Plug and Play and wireless radio technology installation and assembly with Blaupunkt is unexpectedly easy. Laborious cable laying is not needed. A button and the accessories are connected with the system. To save high costs for installation by a technician.

Essential security features: Trust in the reliability of Blaupunkt.

Sabotage contacts at the panel and the accessories are absolutely necessary to protect an alarm system against manipulation. Attempts to interfere with radio are automatically detected (jamming detection) and reported. You will be notified by SMS, if for example a battery change in one of the devices is pending. And even during a power failure, the system runs on batteries continue - even up to 18 hours. Their protection is guaranteed.

Thanks to mobile alerting and listen in feature, you always know whats going on: Safety to go.

Avoid a shock on returning home from vacation. Since you miss any intrusion event, you can always and at any time react. In an emergency, the alarm is instantly contacts you via call or SMS. Thanks to the in built microphone in the control panel you hear what's happening at home. And if your phone is quiet, your home is all right.

What is the superlative of security? Expandable safety.

Your Blaupunkt security system can be expanded very comfortable. You can expand the system with up to 30 accessories of your choice. These include additional wireless door / window sensors, wireless indoor and outdoor sirens (pet-immune) wireless motion or wireless smoke detector. So they not only benefit from burglary protection, but protect yourself as desired in front of other dangers. For example, to fire or water damage.

  • Starter Set with alarm panel, 1x DC-S1, 1x IR S1L & 1x RC R3B
  • Integrated siren alarm center
  • Alarming per call or SMS
  • Up to 6 different numbers can be stored and will notify in an emergency after a specified priority
  • Per app \"Connect2Home-R\" controllable
  • Particularly safe thanks to encrypted programming commands and variable rolling code instructions for disarming can not be intercepted by radio and abused
  • With up to 30 sensors expandable
  • Simulation of presence by means of the radio adapter plug (PSS-S3)
  • Intrusion on Security guard headquarters possible that support Contact ID
  • Supports 6 languages
  • Reinhör function: Always know what\'s happening at your home
  • Easy to use, backlit LCD display and keyboard with 17 keys
  • Automatic status and error messages
  • The last 20 events are available on the system
  • Tamper sensors protect against manipulation
  • Emergency Power Battery life: 18 hours
  • Power supply: 9 V 1A adapter
  • Notstrom rechargeable battery: 4.8 V 600 mAh NiMH (1.2V x 4)
  • Siren volume: 96 dB @ 1m
  • Radio frequency: 868.35 MHz FM
  • Transmission range: approximately 30 meters in a typical home environment
  • Ambient temperature: -10 ° C to + 40 ° C
  • Humidity: up to 85%, non-condensing
  • Dimensions: 209 x 136 x 22.5 mm