You’re safety: The foundation for your smart home.

The content of the Q3000 Alarm system Starter Kit:

• IP control panel with integrated siren
• Wireless Motion (IR S1L)
• Wireless Door / Window Sensor (DC-S1)

Features at a glance

• Smart Home Security System based on IP: Contemporary protection, thanks to the App on mobile devices. Always know: Everything is safe

• User friendly: Easy global control via App and Internet portal.

Inexpensive: No installation costs.

• Safe to the last detail: Flexible and expandable, up to 40 sensors and accessory devices.

Why Security?

Of course, our perception of Germany is that it is a safe place. But did you know that every 180 seconds a German household is robbed? In many German cities, the rate is even higher. In 2015, the number of burglaries increased 10% compared to last year. Put on reliable technology from Blaupunkt, if you are looking for effective protection against burglary. Protect yourself - but not anyway! The Blaupunkt Q-series offers high quality protection against burglary and threats. The presence of a security system makes 9 out of 10 burglars flee. Moreover, the Q-Series offers various smart home functions for you at a fair price.

Reliable security solution: Sophisticated equipment, mobile alert

With our reliable security technology, equip yourself against burglary, fire and water damage and the associated, dire consequences. The Blaupunkt Q3000, consisting of alarm control panel, door / window sensor and motion detection, provides the basis for an efficient, yet affordable protection against burglary. With this reliable technology, the loud alarm kicks in when there is danger, but only in case of true danger. The door / window sensor prevents any unauthorized entrance of your home. The motion sensor monitors the interior of your home effectively. 

Effectively distribute burglars act in case of emergency, otherwise relax

Through wireless door / window motion sensors, any intrusion attempt is detected. A burglar who wonders outside your home, and then gets frightened by the sound of the alarm, **will be looking at the vast majority of cases the width**. If you not only want to repel the intruder, but warn your neighborhood, you can do so comfortably with louder indoor and outdoor sirens. A home break-in never remains undetected: you will instantly get messages on your phone, via app or email. Remain at rest with your smartphone. You will always know what happens at home. One worry less!

Trust is good, control is better: Visibly better

See live what happens at home with our surveillance camera (IPC-S1) from anywhere in the world: with the Q series, no problems. In an emergency, you will know 100% if there is a burglary or fire. You can act. And keep evidence of it in your hands. **To help in passing the police to be educated**. Your privacy is well protected on the server via SSL encryption. No burglar can steal or destroy the data.

Protection at all levels: Up to 40 different sensors integrated

Expand your flexible and uncomplicated system. Add more sirens for further volume and range, additional door / window sensors for dense protection, and additional gas, water, smoke or heat detectors, to complement your all-around safety.
Smart Home ZigBee: An alarm against burglars - residents comfort

The wireless communication plug (PSM-S1) makes your alarm a Smart Home Center. Motion and door sensors can be used not only for protection against burglary: They can be used to turn the lights on upon entering your home, turn on a light when leaving, have the radio and coffee machine turned on at breakfast time - Design your own home, be creative! The automatic processes can easily be programmed. On holiday you can easily simulate your presence. The pleasant side effect: You save electricity and money.

Worldwide access and control options: app, Internet portal or remote

Both the free app (iOS and Android) and the Internet portal feature clarity and usability. Setting your alarm on, disarming or using the "at home" mode (specific sensors are disabled, so you can move freely) is uncomplicated. And if you are in a hurry, you can operate your system with a convenient remote.

Choose any time between 3 modes:

• Armed
• Disarmed
• At Home (Comfort inside, protection outside)

Amazingly simple to install yourself: Without effort or cables with Plug & Play

Simple for you: Our Q-Series wireless technology saves you from the often cabling problematics. Blaupunkt safety systems are optimized for self-installation. With our precise manuals, set your alarm up yourself with a few simple steps. Pick the right place for the control panel, connect the panel to electricity and Internet, connect and mount the accessories, and you are ready to go. 

• The kit contains:
IP wireless alarm system 1x
DC-S1 door / window sensor 1x
IR S1L motion 1x
• Easy installation, no cables
• Included equipment already learned: Plug & Play
• Free Secure4Home smartphone app
• From a distance, security system control
• alarm directly on the smartphone via push or email notification
• ZigBee Compatible
extensible • Flexible: up to 40 sensors or accessories with your system network
• tamper contacts to protect against tampering
• appliances control (with additional wireless adapter plugs)
• Modern home automation functions
• When triggered by sensors set individual responses (z. B. light / radio and photo)
• PIR cameras for an optimal visual protection easily integrated
• measure power consumption and control (radio plug required)
• suitable for indoor use only

• protocol: ZigBee Home Automation 1.2
• Available frequencies: 433MHz / 868MHz
• Power supply: 9V 1A AC
• Emergency battery: Ni-Mh rechargeable battery 4.8V, 1100mAh
• Emergency Battery Runtime: 15 hours
• Siren volume: 95db @ 1M
• Range: 200- 300 m in open terrain
• ambient temperature: -10˚C to + 45˚C
• Humidity: up to 85%, non-condensing
• Dimensions: 70.2mm x 70mm x 151mm