Premium Service | Q Series Smart Alarm System


The Premium Service gives you the opportunity to experience the amazing extended functionality of the Q Series Smart Alarm System.

Your Q-Series protected home gets now even safer and smarter

Thanks to our new premium service, your Q-Series Smart Home Alarm System will be enabled with a superb innovative feature set.

The extended functionality of the Premium Service

Call notifications:

• The service will provide you a peace of mind that you get called in case of an intrusion. (This works additional to the standard Push-massages and E-Mail service.)

• No mobile data needed. The perfect solution to save data (roaming) costs while traveling.

• Neighbours, relatives, friends also can get informed in case of an alarm.


Secure Cloud storing:

• More than 50 videos of your IPC-S1 will be stored on a German server


Extended Event Log:

• “Event Log” of 90 days and at least 30 captured images of the IRC-S2 will be stored.


Extended product warranty:*

•One additional year of product warranty


Legal Notice:

* In combination with the 12 Months Premium Package


Further Informations and Service / Support:

Here you find the link to the BP HOME CONNECT Portal where you can register and upgrade your Q Series to Premium. Before your registration you should read the General Terms and Conditions of Use for the Secure Cloud Server. Which you can find here.

In the downloads area at the buttom of this page you can download the Quick Activation Guide for the Premium Service as well as a Brochure if you want to know more about the Premium Service.


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For your questions to your local Service and Support:

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• Call Notifications • SSL Secured Cloud Storage • Extended Warrenty* • Extended Event Log