Real Smart is simple: Plug & Play installation, operation via App and Internet portal

You get home, the lights go on automatically and the PIR camera with motion sensing (IRC-S2) takes a picture. Just connect a door / window sensor at the entrance to the intermediate connector. Use the Internet portal to program in a few steps the required settings. The connector simply plugs into a socket. When plugged in, press the button on the plug, a few clicks on the Internet portal - and done.

Small connector, big power: Plug your Blaupunkt Alarm Series Q

The adapter plugs your life according to its motto: Smart Living, which means above all, security. And also comfortable living. Even if you are on vacation, you simulate with this Plug automated and simple presence -turn on your light or tv - everything happens according to your wishes on its own. No worries while on holidays - enjoy optimal protection.

Simply measure energy consumption : With your Blaupunkt alarm system 

Is your electricity bill too high? With the adapter plug also check the consumption of the connected devices. You quickly get a good overview of the consumption - thanks to statistics, which you can view using the Internet portal. Save electricity costs using it in the right places.

• Household appliances remotely switch on / off via a smartphone, PC or tablet, anytime, anywhere
• Built-in electricity meter
• Networking with the Q-alarm central and individual sensors allows control based on
programmed conditions and scenarios
• Power consumption reports avalible for online Viewing 
• LED display

• Communication protocol: ZigBee Pro Ha 1.2
• Power: 110-230V, 50 / 60Hz
• Accuracy: +/- 5%
• Maximum charging: 110V: 1760W 230V 16A: 16A 3680W
• Operating Temperature: -10 ° C to 45 ° C
• Operating Humidity : up to 85% without condensation
• Dimensions: 78mm x 52mm x 85.5mm