Floating Water Detector

The Blaupunkt ISD-WD1 is a unique water detector
which can float on water.

1| Waterproof:
Can float on top of water to maintain the alarm.
The functionality remains even if it gets hit by water.
2| 12 Months of Detection :
Exchageable Batteries with low battery warning
(12 months life time).
3| Reliable Warning even on water:
Powerful siren, 90dB if a water leakage
is detected. The siren continues even
while floating on water.
4| No installation needed:
Just place it on the floor.
Close to possible leakage dangers.

• Power source: 3*1.5V AAA (Excluding battery)
• Standby current consumption ≤ 20μA
• Dynamic current consumption ≤ 100mA
• Standby Battery lifespan 1 year
• Triggered battery lifespan 12 hours approx.
• Sound level 90dB (1 Meter)
• Operating conditions 0 to +45 ºC, 0 % – 100 % RH
• Storage conditions 0 to +45 ºC, 20 % – 50 % RH
• Dimensions (W×H×D) 95*42*95mm
• Weight 85g

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