The Blaupunkt HT4000 - part of our exciting HT range is a high power, lightweight, dual action hedge trimmer with fantastic features that enable you to work more productively, quicker, easier and for longer.

Operated by a two-way safety switch the 600W motor gives you power to work with the largest hedges, bushes and shrubs – yet at only 3.2kg it’s remarkably light weight and remains easy to work with for long periods. 600mm precision diamond ground blades with 28mm tooth spacing slice through large areas of hedge cleanly and quickly, protected from accidental knocks against a wall by the end guard.

Dual Action technology improves on traditional designs by mechanically moving both blades as opposed to having one fixed, drastically improving performance. Vibration is reduced making use a more comfortable experience, clogging is far less of a problem too saving you time clearing jams and reducing the fatigue caused by stopping and starting constantly.

Backed by a 3-year warranty, we’re confident you’ll love the HT4000.

High Power 600W Motor
600mm Precision Cut Diamond Ground Blades
Dual Action Blade Design
Only 3.2kg

Assembled Length (mm) 1000
Assembled Width (mm) 190
Assembled Height (mm) 200
Weight (kg) 3.4
Blade Length 600