One Tool to Screw Them All!

Multi-bit Ratchet screwdriver offers a wide range of fastening applications with one simple tool.

Tiny but smart in its 3-position ratcheting mechanism and plated for corrosion resistance.

An ergonomic handle with storage hides a magnetic bit holder to store inside 35 bits and 9 socket keys with adapder.

Enjoy it!

  • 35PCS BITS(6.35*25MM) 3MM,4MM,5MM,6MM,7MM,8MM
  • PH0,PH1,PH1,PH2,PH2,PH3,PH3
  • PZ0,PZ1,PZ2,PZ3
  • T10,T15,T15,T20,T20,T25,T25,T27,T30
  • H2,H3,H4,H5,H6
  • S0,S1,S2,S3
  • 1PC ADP(25MM)
  • 9PCS 1/4" SOCKET 4MM,5MM,6MM,7MM,8MM,9MM,10MM,11MM,12MM