Android Powered

The Cape Town 940 combines high-quality design down to the last detail, a highly attractive, Android-based operating concept and a breathtaking variety of functions. It boasts a 6.8-inch capacitive and anti-reflective display and combines first-class radio reception, MapMyIndia powered navigation, an immense entertainment offering and connectivity to all types of mobile media including smartphones. With the Blaupunkt Mirror Mode, you can even mirror the display of your iPhone or Android Smartphone 1: 1 on the large radio screen and control without restrictions of the Cape Town 940. So you have all your personal content and apps always in the vehicle at hand. Or use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot and go to the Internet via the browser of the Cape Town 940 - although you can also go directly into the net, if a Wi-Fi hotspot is available. But no matter what you are looking for, the Cape Town 940 will have a good answer for you.

Fast Boot

Always ready within a few seconds. With the Fast Boot function, the Cape Town 940 does not completely switch off when leaving the vehicle. It only sleeps and is awakened immediately when it is switched on again with the ignition - with the latest navigation and music playback. For optimal personal use, you can even select the maximum sleep time with up to 5 days before the radio turns off completely.

Graphic Interface

The Cape Town 940 offers all possibilities of personalization. Based on the Android operating system, menu optics and content can be designed according to your taste. Be it a private photo as a display background, the selection of colors for the menu icons, the deletion of unneeded functions or their grouping into personal folders. You have the choice.

Smart Navigation

With integrated navigation powered by MapMyIndia loaded onto the device, you can reach every destination comfortably, quickly and relaxed. Or spontaneously make a detour to interesting places that the Cape Town 940 proposes on your route. Everything very easy and by finger pressure.

Mirror Mode

A highlight feature is the Mirror Mode, which, as the name suggests, mirrors your phone’s interface on the head-unit’s screen. The feature does require you to connect your iPhone or Android device to the system through an HDMI cable and you also need to install the Mirror Mode Assistant app, but once installed, enables you to use your phone through the Cape Town’s screen and can prove to be quite a lifesaver.

Feature Rich Media Player

The Cape Town 940 does not compromise on media quality. Most common Audio, video and image formats are supported through the disc player, the micro SDHC cards and USB, with a total of no less than 4 USB ports on the device. Able to read upto 40,000 files, the Cape Town 940 can even read NTFS formatted mobile hard drives and USB. The built-in media player lets you play your music via the folder structure or according to filters such as artist, album, etc. And oh yes, did we mention you can also control your iPod via USB or your Android smartphone via Bluetooth from the radio display.

5 Band Equalizer

Through the graphical interface of the Cape Town 940, the parametric 5-band equalizer for sound optimization in the vehicle can be easily and precisely adjusted. However, if "experimenting with frequencies" is not your thing, there are a whole range of preset sound profiles available like pop, rock, electro, jazz and classical music. Do your own thing.

Apps, Internet and WiFi

Since the system is Android Auto-ready, the Cape Town comes with a handful of very useful pre-loaded apps like Shazam, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, Amazon, AccuWeather, etc. Since the system is Wi-Fi enabled you can connect it to any WiFi Hotspot and browse through popular apps or simply use the built-in browser to surf the web.

Handsfree Bluetooth Telephony

Once the phone book of your smartphone is synchronized with the Cape Town 940, nothing stands in the way of comfortable communication during the journey and over the audio system. For best voice quality, the integrated or an external microphone with perfect mounting position are alternatively available. Use 2 phones at the same time? No problem: with Twinn Connect you will not miss a call.


Blaupunkt Cape Town 940 Multimedia Navigation is a multimedia navigation system for all modern car models. 17.2 cm TFT capacitive touch screen enables high-tech navigation. car accessories that make your drive easier and more advanced like this product also compliment the technologically advanced lives that we live now. It also verifies durability with a 2-year warranty tag. Enabled with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DVD, HDMI, VSB, 4-channel Pre-amplifier, Mirror mode and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, this product is a must have these days.

This product has various data input options such as SD card, DVD, CD-ROM, SDHC, and VCD. Also, it has media players of prime quality. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are available in this product too.

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  • Large 6.8' touch screen display
  • High performance, system speed, graphical interface
  • CPU = MST786 dual core Cortex 9 (1GHz) RAM = DDR3 SDRAM 1GB
  • Innovative styling, designed in Germany
  • Operating System Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
  • Bright Capacitive TFT
  • Smart phone control via BLAUPUNKT MIRROR MODE
  • Real mirror & control of smart phone via radio TFT (original HDMI/HML smart phone accessories required, not included, available from phone vendors)
  • Made for iPod / iPhone
  • Support of USB MOBILE HDD with upto 40.000 files supported
  • Front USB, 3x rear USB & microSD slot for audio, video & pictures
  • 5- Band parametric equalizer
  • Rear Seat Entertainment from USB, DVD, A/V
  • 4-Channel Pre-Out (3V)
  • Sub-out (variable gain)
  • 4 x 50 Watt Max. power
  • IR remote control included
  • Rear Camera Input
  • Bluetooth Twin Connect -2 phones can simultaneously be connected
  • Wifi USB-Dongle Receiver included

    MRP:  49,990/-

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