Feel the power of 200W

It’s a monster when it comes to output. As you turn up the volume you will notice the base gettng stronger and the treble sharper. All this power is balanced perfectly

Genuine Dolby Audio Sound

Dolby Audio is the upper level of sound technology. It is a promise that delivers full, rich and clear outputs across all wave lengths and volumes

Multiple connectivity optons

 Bluetooth, USB, AUX, RCA, OPTICAL, Coaxial and HDMI ARC. All the connecton optons are there. Just choose a device and you will be pouring out great volumes of music in seconds.

Touch Controls

Easy to use and very precise these touch controls give you access to all functions.
Combined with the remote you have total power over the sound

Cool LED display

Not only do you get information about what’s playing it also looks fantastic. The display is bright so you will not have to dim the lights to enjoy the effect

Side Firing With 6.5’’ X2  Subwoofer

Here we are talking about the delivery of mega bass. The thump pours out of these vents and you feel it go right through you.

Powerful 3’’X4 Speakers

That’s a combination designed to give you crystal clear sound at very high volumes. The tech here is perfectly balanced to enrich music across all frequencies

Bass multiplier front air vent 

This is design brilliance. The  built in air vent allows the unrestricted expansion of sound waves. The result is crisper sound with near zero distortion.

Full functon remote

This is your command station. From here you can control each and every function. Bass, treble, balance, source…. Everything. IT gives you convinience, control and more Ome to listen to your tunes.

1. 2.2-Channel Sound Delivers a Full Range of Sound:Enjoy the rich, full range of your audio  TS-100Tower's dynamic 2.2-channel sound. Horn tweeters and ported woofers produce stunning clarity and deep, accurate bass for an immersive listening experience. Crystal Sound Plus audio filters out distortion and noise for near-professional sound quality. 

2.Connect Wirelessly to Your TV:TS-100 Tower with your Smart TV via Bluetooth and start enjoying clearer, richer sound in movies, music, and TV shows.

3. Use Seamlessly with Any of Your Bluetooth-Enabled Devices:Any Bluetooth-enabled device can use the TS-100 Tower wirelessly as a speaker system. Whether you want to listen to audio from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, simply pair it with the Sound Tower and you can immediately enjoy amplified and crisp sound.

4.HDMI Connectivity for Optimal Sound Quality:Connect the TS-100 Tower to your television using a single HDMI (ARC) cable and get digital audio transmitted at the highest quality for your movies and shows.

5. Special Sound EQ Mode: Choose the Mode as per your mood - MUSIC, MOVIE, NEWS , SPORTS, GAME and NIGHT Mode (Sub-off)

OUT PUT: Total 200W Right Tower 100W,Left Tower 100W

Channel : 2.2 TOWER SPEAKER

Speaker: 3’’X 4 + 6.5’’ X 2 ( Right and Left Tower)

Audio Feature: DOLBY AUDIO

Connectivity: USB/BT/RCA/AUX/Coaxial / Optical / HDMI (ARC)

Included : Remote (with battery ) , RCA to 3.5mm Cable,

3.5mm to 3.5mm  RCA to RCA, User Manual


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