It’s not easily going to give in to pressure. These high quality Power Banks, will not give up to wear and tear easily and will stand the test of time. That’s the guarantee of this German brand.

Never Out of Power

Charge two devices on the road and stay connected throughout the day. With smart changing features, you can stay charged through work or play.

Complete Protection

Offers 5 layers of protection:

• From Higher Input Current while charging
• From Higher Input Voltage while charging
• From short circuit
• From Over Charging
• From Over Discharging.

• Battery type: Lithium Ion
• 2 smart charging out ports
• Battery charge indicator
• LED torch light
• Recommended Charger for optimum performance – Output of 2A
• Recommended Cable for optimum performance – Current handling capacity of at least 2A.
• Colours: Grey and Apricot.

MRP: 1999/-

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