E-Waste Management


Introduction This initiative is the step towards a cleaner and greener earth. This is one of the ways to show that we are concerned and thus request all our customers to join this movement to make it successful by way of contributing their unusable / non repairable product (fit for discarding) for recycling. 

E-waste has been defined as “waste electrical and electronic equipment, whole or in part or rejects from their manufacturing and repair process, which are intended to be discarded”. Electrical and electronic equipment has been defined as “equipment which is dependent on electrical currents or electro-magnetic fields to be functional”.

End of life product means when a product is non-operational or non-repairable. 

Vidur & Co’s e-waste is any Mobile Phone or accessory which is not usable or end of life.


Guidance on the Disposal of End-of-Life Products: 


1. Consumers may contribute to resource conservation and prevent environmental problems by a simple action — properly depositing their old IT products and its accessories. Recycling of Products: Few customers may assume that product / parts at end-of-life stage has no value. But they still contain many reusable or recyclable materials.

2. Valuable metals are used as component in the PCB circuit board. During the smelting process, valuable metals such as gold, silver, and copper can be retrieved from these electronic parts. The metals that are retrieved can be used for new electronic parts or sold separately.

3. Plastic materials are used for structural components for internal or external cover. Recycled plastic may be used to produce items such as traffic cones, plastic fencing car bumpers etc.

4. Paper is the main component used in packaging. Paper can be recycled. It is then used as recycled paper or in products made out of paper.

The usage mentioned above is suggestive and may not necessarily be used. 


Do’s & Don’t for end of life products: 


 1. All products are required to be channelized only to the authorised recycler/ service outlets.

2. Keep the end of life product in isolated area to prevent its accidental breakage.


1. The product is not given for re-sale to any unregistered recycler/scrap dealer/kabariwalahs.

2. The product should not be disposed with household waste.

3. Do not keep any replaced spare part(s) in exposed area. 



 How to identify that this is an e-waste product? 


Any electrical part/product/accessories having wires / PCB which is not in usable or repairable condition.


Why re-cycling should be done?  


1. Recycling helps salvage useful material thus helps conserve the depleting natural resources.

2. Scientific disposal of e-waste reduces the environment pollution. 


What are the negative consequences of improper recycling?


1. Any disposal through unauthorised agency/person will attract penal action under Environment (Protection) Act 1986.

2. Few negative consequences of disposal of product not done in scientific way: Toxic material present in e-waste get mixed with earth, air, water etc and causes health issues. Oil & Gases which are present in some of e-waste products like compressor may cause environment pollution. Burning of Plastic in open area causes air pollution. 
Handling of product before disposing Product should not be dismantled or thrown in municipal waste. It should be packed and handed over to the authorized recycler or service points.


What are the effects if the product is dismantled by the user ?


Our products are safe for use by human beings. However, in case of dismantling by untrained personnel, it could damage the environment or affect the human beings (directly or indirectly). Sharp edges of metal items could cause damage to body.


How an act of improper handling will damage the environment


Unauthorized dealers (Kabadiwala) lack scientific tools or procedures to recycle the products and are not authorized by the CPCB. If they dismantle in open area or break the seal of parts carrying gases and try to extract metals, such gases may pollute the environment. Hazardous residual parts may be thrown in landfills polluting land, water and air. 


How to contact nearest drop off point?  


To locate a nearest service center for disposal of the appliance, please contact 9899662131 for details or email at care@blaupunkt-mobile.in or aerspl2(at)gmail.com.





Preview of the collection points and service centers here


For further information about E-waste recycling, our E-waste recycling partner & their process, please

  • log on to www.auctusrecycling.com or
  • write an email to aerspl@yahoo.in or
  • Call on Toll Free: 1800-180-2568.

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