What is the warranty?
Ans: 6 months’ replacement warranty against manufacturing defects against proof of purchase
The cable cracked from the USB connection.
Ans: If cracked within 7 days, please visit nearest service center with copy of invoice. Else there is no warranty on physical damage
Can it get damaged by water?
Ans: Yes.
Can it get damaged by heat?
Ans: Please avoid extreme temperature above 45 degree Celsius.
The cable cracked from the edges, what can I put on it to stop further damage?
Ans: It is advisable to buy a new cable. It may not be functioning anytime.
Is this cable compatible with all brands?
Ans: Yes, compatible with all USB 2.0 enabled brands.
Is it compatible on all devices like laptops, tablets?
Ans: Yes, compatible with all USB 2.0 enabled laptops and tablets
I have a power bank/ tablet of this configuration; does it work with it?
Ans: Yes, it should work.
My phone charges slow with this cable.
Ans: Please check the charger for its rating capacity. Currently ratings of all models of tablet/ mobiles are supported by this cable. If issue persist, please visit the nearest service centre.
My phone does not charge with this cable.
Ans: Please check if another phone can be charged. If issue is not resolved, then please visit to nearest service center.
The cable works for charging my phone, but not my power bank?
Ans: It should work. Try to charge your power bank with some other cable and check.

Can I use the same cable for both the ports on my power bank?
Ans: Yes.
It’s not fixing into my USB port on the laptop/ power bank?
Ans: Please check if connector is not damaged. Rotate the connector by 180 and check. Please visit nearest service center.
Is my cable compatible with multiple brands?
Ans: Yes.
Can I charge my phone on the plane/ airport ports?
Ans: Yes, follow instruction written there though you can charge at Airport/Plane
How can I make the cable last longer and not get spoilt?
Ans: Wrap it correctly and don’t make sharp bends.
The cable charges too slowly
Ans: Charging also depends of charger and device you are charging. Power Bank takes longer time to get charge as battery capacity is larger.
The port becomes very hot while charging.
Ans: It could be due to charger or loose connection. Please change charger and try again. Cable has no role to play
The current fluctuates while charging.
Ans: Cable has no role to play. It could be because of charger.
What is the difference between a cable made of cloth and plastic?
Ans: It is aesthetic difference only. Nylon (cloth) wrapped cable gives extra layer of protection from damage. The inside of the same is also plastic.
Cable length is too short
Ans: 1 meter standard
Too dirty, how can I clean?
Ans: Use tissue paper or little wet cloth to clean wire. Just blow up mouth air or brush to clean connectors.
Fluctuation when I move the wire
Ans: No
Is it safe to charge and talk on the phone at the same time?
Ans: No. It’s recommended.
Is it officially certified by apple?
Ans: Yes. Its Apple MFI certified product.
Can I use it as my car charger?
Ans: Yes.
How long will it take to charge the phone completely?
Ans: It depends on charger and battery capacity of your phone
How long is the product life?
Ans: It will last till not physically damaged
What’s the warranty policy?
Ans: 6 months’ replacement warranty if defect is genuine and not customer induced.

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