Damaged by heat?
Ans: Yes. Avoid extreme temperature above 50 degree Celsius
Damaged by water?
Ans: Yes. Avoid water contact
Ans: 6 months warranty against manufacturing defects with proof of purchase.
Can be used on any car?
Ans: Yes.
Can I connect any device like phone/tablet?
Ans: Yes.
Can I use phones of multiple brands?
Ans: Yes.
The current from the charger fluctuates?
Ans: No
There are multiple ports, can I use any?
Ans: There are two ports. Each port can provide maximum output 5V/2.4 with total output of 5V/3A
Does the output current change for different devices
Ans: Both the ports are intelligent. The output changes as per the device. The maximum per port is 2.4 A
This brand charges faster, is there a problem?
Ans: No, but different charger has different ratings. Some have max 1A port.
It charges too slow
Ans: Charging also depends on cable. Try changing cable.
It doesn’t charge
Ans: Please visit to nearest service center to get it replaced.
How long will it take to charge the phone completely?
Ans: It depends on your phone battery capacity. Car charger has two ports. Each port can provide maximum output 5V/2.4 with total output of 5V/3A
Can I connect multiple devices at once?
Ans: Yes.
Can I use the cord of another brand?
Ans: Yes.
Does my car need to be switched on or moving for the charger to work?
Ans: No
How much power/ fuel does it consume?
Ans: It takes power from battery
Do you have to unplug it every time you restart the car?
Ans: No
Can I use the device while it’s charging the device?
Ans: It is not recommended.
Can I make multiple connections of the mobile in the car, e.g. charger, Bluetooth hands free etc.
Ans: When phone is charging avoid using it either for voice call or internet. There could be some humming sound due to mobile features
Can it damage my car in any way?
Ans: No.
What does the light on the charger denote?
Ans: When charger is connected, its back light will be blue.
How long can I use it at a stretch?
Ans: No restrictions
Can I remove it/ plug it in while the car ignition is switched on?
Ans: Yes.
How is it different from the USB charger in my car?
Ans: It can charge more than one device. Both ports are intelligent not to damage the device of different ratings.
How long is the product life?
Ans: Only effected by handling.
What is the warranty policy?
Ans: 6 months’ replacement warranty from date of purchase if defect is genuine and not customer induced. Proof of purchase is mandatory.
Is it restricted to only cars? Bikes/ scooters also?
Ans: Only car

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