No audio in left or right earphone speaker.
Ans: Check if cable is broken. Also ensure connector is properly inserted into mobile.
Earphone cable length is short.
Ans: Its standard size - 1.2 meter
Noise distortion in audio.
Ans: Please check if earphone connector is properly inserted into mobile. Try cleaning earbuds by gently blowing. If issue is not resolved please visit service center although issue can be due to damaged cable.
Too low bass.
Ans: It has optimal bass. Will also depend on mobile.
Treble bad.
Ans: It has optimal treble. Will also depend on mobile phones.
Earphone speaker is not working.
Ans: Please check software settings on the mobile, volume control etc. If issue not resolved, then visit service center. The problem could be due to physically damaged cable
Earphone volume control not working.
Ans: Please check it with another device. If issue not resolved, then visit service center.
Phone not responding to button presses.
Ans: Could be issue with phone compatibility. Please try on another phone. If issue is not resolved, then please visit to nearest service center.
Earphone microphone not picking up sound.
Ans: Please check if connector is properly inserted into mobile. Try to clean dust on mic. If issue is not solved, then please visit service center.
Output volume level of the headphone is quite low on full volume of phone.
Ans: Output volume is set considering sensitivity of human ears and optimal output of speakers. Increasing output beyond certain level could get harmful for the ears.
No button to take call automatically without having to take the phone out.
Ans: This feature depends of compatibility with phone. On some devices, it may not work.
Sound quality is not good.
Ans: Earphone offers better sound quality in this price range.
Build quality of earphone is not strong enough.
Ans: Earphone offers good build quality in this price range. In high models, we offer tangle fee and break resistant cables.
Is it resistant to water?
Ans: No
Is it resistant to heat?
Ans: Avoid high temperature above 45 degree Celsius
Is it resistant to other electronic devices close by?
Ans: Mostly yes, but sometimes may interfere.
The jack is not properly fitting?
Ans: Its standard 3.5mm audio jack and should fit in all mobiles. Please try on some other mobile. If issue persists, please visit to service center.
Disturbance when wire moves
Ans: Please check if jack is properly inserted into mobile. Also check if cable is not removed or broken. Usually this problem is due to damage in cable or connection due to mishandling. For further assistance visit service center.
New ear phone, not working. Need replacement
Ans: Please visit to your nearest service center to get replacement if purchased within 7 days along with invoice.
Wire breaking at jack, too weak. Bad quality. Need replacement.
Ans: Kindly visit service center to judge cause of defect – manufacturing or damaged in handling.
When use Volume control then noise disturbance.
Ans: Please visit to nearest service center.
Which is left ear and which is right ear?
Ans: It is printed as L & R on the earphones
The goods received looked used?
Ans: Was the box originally sealed packed? This shouldn’t have happened. Please visit nearest service center.
The packaging was damaged at the time of delivery.
Ans: Was the product purchased online? Please call Amazon.
Ear phone is not fitting in the ears properly
Ans: There are 3 sizes of ear buds provided to fit all sizes. They are user changeable. Please change as per requirement.
Can we have ear buds of different size?
Ans: 3 sizes already provided.
Can we buy only extra ear buds?
Ans: Not available as of now.
Will the ear phone work on all mobiles/ laptops/ desktops/ car audios etc.
Ans: Yes.
Do you have noise cancellation?
Ans: No.
Can earphones damage the ear?
Ans: It’s recommended not to use them too long or not play too loud music to avoid any potential harm to ears. Low sounds are not harmful.
What is safer – earphone or headphone?
Ans: Avoid playing loud music on both. Headphones are safer that earphones however quite sound on both are not harmful.
Can I use ear plugs of some other brand?
Ans: Yes, if they are fit then you can use them.
Can I use this earphone to see movies in air plane?
Ans: Yes, but follow flight instructions.
What is the warranty on ear phone?
Ans: 6 months against manufacturing defects from date of purchase. Proof of purchase is a must.
Does it have microphone?
Ans: Yes.
Can I video conference using these earphones?
Ans: Sure.
How long is the cord?
Ans: 1.2 meter.
Can I use it during jogging or active sports?
Ans: Sure.
Will sweat damage it?
Ans: Sometime too much sweating can stop its normal functioning. Sweat is like water which may damage speakers of earphones. Avoid using earphones when you are doing intense workout or fast running.
How long is the product life?
Ans: Depends on use. They usually go bad due to physical handling.
What is the warranty policy?
Ans: If product has genuine defect which is not customer induced then it has 6 months replacement warranty. Proof of purchase is a must.

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