My power bank is getting charged slowly.
Ans: Please check charger and cable rating. Recommended charger is 2A capacity.  Also please try changing the cable with 2A capacity.
Why my phone is charging slowly from power bank than directly?
Ans: Could be problem with cable. Please change the cable and try. Also check power bank output port ratings.  Power bank has 2 output ports. 1A output will charge slowly compare to other 2.1A output.
Power Bank LED/Display not working?
Ans: While charging other device, or getting charged power bank LED blinks. Kindly visit the service center.
Power Bank body is damaged, can it be repaired?
Ans: When & how was it damaged? Please contact service center to get checked nature of damage. There is no warranty for physical damage.
Power bank is heating up while getting charged?
Ans: Little heating is normal during charging. However, if you use Travel adapter with rating higher than advised input capacity, power bank will heat up slightly more. If you feel heating is not normal then please contact service center.
Is my device compatible with power bank?
Ans: Ideally this power bank is compatible with all mobiles phones and Tablets.
After few months it’s not working. Power bank charge is full, all 4 LED on but not charging to my phone.
Ans: Please change the cable and try. If it still does not work then please visit service center.
LED light is dim
Ans: Please connect input properly.  Check power supply. This does not affect the functioning of the product.
Battery seems to have swelled and liquid coming out
Ans: Was it exposed to water? Kindly contact service center.
How do I know what power bank is true capacity?
Ans: The capacity of the battery inside the power bank in mentioned on the product. The actual output can be lower due to conversion loss
Which power adapter is right to charge my power bank?
Ans: With 2A charger it will take 6-7 hours and with 1A charger 10 hours.
How long it will take my power bank to charge completely?
Ans: It depends on battery capacity and status of recharging device.
How long power bank takes to charge my phone?
Ans: It depends on battery capacity and status of recharging device.
How many times power bank can charge my phone?
Ans: Depends on battery capacity of mobile phone.
Can I charge my laptop from my power bank?
Ans: No. Most laptop need DC 16~19V for charging, this power bank can provide output of DC 5V only.
Does it waste energy if I forget to switch off my power bank?
Ans: This power bank is a smart device and designed to save power. If not in use for some time it will automatically switch off.
Will power bank get damaged while charging with adapter for a long time?
Ans: Not likely. There is overcharge protection. But for good power bank life and performance and safety reasons it is advisable to remove input once it is charged completely.
Will power bank get damaged or burn out when current loading is more than the specification?
Ans: It will not be damaged as there is over load protection built in.  But charging time will vary depending on different adapter ratings.
Power bank is not charging my device?
Ans: It could be because power bank is discharged or charging cable is defective. First change the cable and try. If problem persists, visit service center
Power bank is not getting charged?
Ans: Check if charger and cable are ok by trying to charge your phone using the same charger and cable. If issue not resolved then please visit nearest service center.
Is it water resistant?
Ans: No. Avoid water or wet as it may lead to leakage, short circuit or other connected devices failure.
Is it heat resistant?
Ans: It is prohibited to use in high temperature environment above 45 degree Celsius. However, it has built in circuit which has overheat protection and temperature control below 45 degree Celsius. The performance of battery will change at different temperatures.
I have another power bank, it charges faster
Ans: This time difference could be because of different capacity or different input capacity of power bank.
I have another power bank, my device charges faster?
Ans: Please change the cable and recheck the performance.
I have another power bank, it charges my device more times?
Ans: The capacity of battery can come down with use. If it is too less, visit the service center    
Power bank was lying in my car/ sun and has stopped working?
Ans: The performance of the cells get effected by temperature.
If I use a charging cable of some other brand, will speed of charging be effected?
Ans: Speed of charging will be affected only if cable is of inferior quality
Can I use the charging cable of some other brand?
Ans: Yes, for best performance use cable with capacity of 2A.
What is the difference in lithium ion and li-polymer battery?
Why are there 2 charging ports? Which is better?
Ans: Two ports can be used to charge two devices at one time. One port with high rating has higher current output to charge faster than other. Look for symbol to identify higher output port. The total maximum output from both ports combined also has a cap.
Will there be a difference in service, if we buy online?
Ans: No difference in product services in buying online or retail shop. Service policy is same in both cases
What is the warranty we get?
Ans: 6 months’ repair/replacement warranty as per Blaupunkt Service Policy against manufacturing defects.
If we lose the invoice, how will we get warranty?
Ans: Producing original invoice or its copy is mandatory to get services at Blaupunkt authorized service centers.
Can I use both ports at one time to charge 2 devices?
Ans: Yes
What is the meaning of colour and stability of light?
Ans: When power bank charging, green light will keep blinking. If it’s fully charged it will steady red light.
Is it approved from government bodies?
Ans: Yes. Power Bank is BIS certified thus safe to use. BIS is Bureau of Indian Standard for safety.
What are the various safety measures on high voltage and high current?
Ans: The power bank has built in safety features of over voltage, over current etc.
Can circuit of other devices get damaged if kept close to power bank?
Ans: No.
Can I charge a power bank with car charger?
Ans: Yes.
Can I charge a power bank with another power bank?
Ans: Yes.
A new product just bought and is not working properly. Want a replacement?
Ans: Yes, it can be replaced if there is no physical damage. Go to nearest service center with invoice copy for replacement. The purchase should be less than 7 days.
Can I use the same cable for both the ports on my power bank?
Ans: Yes, you can. However since one port has higher output, to get maximum output current please use 2 Amp USB cable
How long is the product life?
Ans: A lot depends on the extent of use. Any battery has a life if number of cycles. 1 Year for optimum performance
What’s the exchange policy?
Ans: There is no exchange policy.
Date of purchase should not be more than 6 months. To get replacement you need to produce the proof of purchase such as invoice.

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