Current Products


The in-vehicle products listed here on are distributed and supported in North America by Shaghal Ltd. 

For older OEM Products for OEM (factory installed products) inquiries (before 2009), please contact BoschElectronicServices(at) or 1-800-266-2528.



Shaghal Ltd.
2231 Colby Ave,

Los Angeles, CA 90064




Shaghal Ltd. provides a manufacturer's warranty for Blaupunkt products purchased within the U.S. for a period of 1 Year. You must return the product to the dealer where it was purchased. For products purchased outside the U.S., the warranty is covered by that country's authorized distribution, not Shaghal Ltd..



Warranty Period

  • 1 Year


Safety Notes

Please observe these safety notes during installation:

  • Disconnect negative terminal of battery!
  • Observe safety notes of vehicle manufacturer.
  • When drilling holes, do not damage any vehicle component.
  • Use cable grommets for holes with sharp edges.
  • Leave ample clearance between cables and other harnesses.
  • An incorrect installation can cause malfunctions of electronic vehicle systems or the audio system.

Specifications subject to change without notice!

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